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361 Degrees' is for the runner or walker seeking the ultimate in responsive cushioning.  These shoes feature breathable air mesh with strategically positioned overlays to provide a secure fit and feel.  A three layered QDP system utilizing coated QU!KFOAM with interlink construction maximizes softness and maintains energy return. They also feature an ergonomically designed platform featuring enhanced cushioning with durable lightweight traction and flexibility.  


Aetrex offers extra-depth and diabetic-friendly shoes in styles ranging from sandals to casual to athletic.  Most styles feature a leather upper, soft leather lining, and seamless interior. Some styles offer a rocker-type sole, a protective thermoplastic toe, and three layers of insoles for depth adjustability. They also offer shoes for the diabetic, which are approved for reimbursement through the Diabetic Shoe Bill. Many of the styles have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics or OTC arch supports. Casual shoes, running shoes, walking shoes and sandals.


Founded in 2009 by a trio of entrepreneurs, Golden Harper, Brian Beckstead and Jeremy Howlett, Altra’s original mission was to create shoes that put runners in a more natural running position. Altra focuses on wide toe-box, low heel-drop shoes. By widening the toe box, the Altra shoes allow the feet do what comes natural, but also can relieve pain from injuries caused in part by traditional pointed toe box running shoes. For example, runners and non-runners alike can get relief for painful foot conditions such as a Morton neuroma, a thickening of tissue around the nerves in the ball of the foot that occurs when the joints of the forefoot are pushed too closely together by traditional shoes’ narrow forefoot. 


Arcopedico® is a high-quality women's comfort shoe brand specializing in lightweight, anatomically-designed, arch- and circulation-supporting shoes that are hand-made in Portugal. Arcopedico® shoes are lightweight, colorful, simple, and with ageless designs are a versatile and smart choice for any woman's wardrobe and lifestyle. Arcopedico® footwear excercises the foot, strengthens the muscles, assists the circulation of the blood and ensures more comfort in walking.


The running socks made by Balega (which means “to move with speed” in Zulu) are known for their durability and ultra-soft material. Their seamless toe minimizes friction and abrasive injuries, and the deep heel pocket ensures that the sock stays securely on the foot through any movement and at any speed. The perfect fit eliminates slippage. The socks designed by this South African brand also come with the Drynamix air conditioning system, a moisture management technology to keep feet cool and dry.


Brooks is recognized as the product of choice for all levels of activity. Brooks shoes tend to run fairly generous in width, provide a roomy toe box, and accommodate a variety of orthotics and arch supports.  They feature high-quality materials and construction, such as carbon rubber outsoles, various combinations of midsole compounds powered with their proprietary DNA midsole technology that adapts to each runner or walker’s individual foot strike.


CEP Compression protects your body during activity, helps stabilize muscles and joints after injuries, speeds recovery and helps conserve energy for when you need it most. Our collection of compression sleeves, socks, tights and clothing enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism.